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Hackey, Ralph
Personal history and history of farming in the Mesilla Valley from 1923 to the present. Briefly discusses the consultant's involvement in the founding of the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.
Hamilton, Judge
Brief history of arrival and life in Cedarvale, N.M., area.
Hanna, Grant
Memories of a mess sergeant at Camp Hereford (prisoner of war camp) during World War II. KP detachment. Prison riot at Hereford Reflections on reduced rations, but had already been transferred to France.
Harvey, Lela
Rural living in Roswell area.
Harvey, Wit
Cotton ginning business in Las Cruces.
Harvey Jr., Phil
Hereford cattle business in New Mexico and the history of Harvey Herefords, Inc.
Hawkins, Darrell
Hawkins describes his career as a cowboy, his years spent with the circus, and the arts of trick roping and whip cracking.
Hickam, E. Earl
E. Earl Hickam briefly discusses his family and early childhood before talking at length about his father's use of Italian prisoners of war (POWs) in the Dawn, Tex., area and of working with German POWs in the Albuquerque, N.M., area during World War II.
Hille, A.R. "Dick"
Hille discusses coming to New Mexico in the 1920s. He worked on a number of ranches in southern New Mexico, and homesteaded in the 1930s. During World War II he worked in the defense industry, but returned to New Mexico in 1945. He started a welding business and also purchased two ranches in southern New Mexico.
Hofacket, Katy
Describes living on a ranch near Deming during World War II, with particular emphasis on the German POWs who worked there.
Hogg, James R.
Rural life in New Mexico, homesteads, schoolhouses and interesting stories about West Central New Mexico.
Holland, Mildred
Rural living in Clayton, N.M. during the Dust Bowl era of 1930s
Hopkins, Sara
Contemporary beef cattle ranching in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Interview collected for the exhibit, "Inside Story of the Roadside View."
Howard, Jared "Jed"
Childhood reminiscences of World War II and the prisoner of war (POW) camp located near Carlsbad. Some discussion of the relations between the European American majority and the African American and Hispanic population of the town.
Huber, Evelyn
Sources of labor during World War II, including German and Italian POWs