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Selected Stories

With over five hundred hours of completed interviews, we had to share some of the great stories we have gathered. Below are some of the gems we've collected (some appeared in past exhibits here at the Museum).

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Fire destroys businesses in Old Town Cimarron
After the neighbor's hogs wreck their wedding gifts, his Dad goes on a shooting spree.
The process a teenager and her mom used to curl their hair years ago.
Bean tells a story of how his uncle paid police to look the other way when he was making whiskey during Prohibition
Bean tells a story of how his uncle paid police to look the other way when he was making whiskey during Prohibition
Describing a tornado at the family ranch that took sheds and buildings but left saddles intact and a cow untouched inside the destroyed barn.
Kid makes an outrageous sum selling vegetables from his uncle's pickup truck near Socorro.
Recalling sheep buried in the snow and the postmaster's unfortunate demise in Northeastern New Mexico.
Mom and the family cat had a ritual when it killed gophers digging in the garden.
Girl goes to city manager to get plumbing so she can take a bath.
Their Republican mother did not care for Roosevelt's New Deal programs, except for the one that gave them a molded toilet seat.
A woman talks about her dad catching and roasting turtles to eat.
A ranch wife remembers climbing to the top of the windmill to watch for hubby and his crew coming home for a meal.
Trying to save precious cargo on a freight wagon between Socorro and White Oaks.
POWs added rocks to their cotton sacks so that they would meet quotas, and literally cleared the field of rocks
Trying to persuade Dad that a tractor means more and faster farming.
Teacher has to paddle an almost grown boy; his father gives her a quirt to use in the future.
A dryland farmer recounts his experience the first time he tried irrigating from a ditch (near Hagerman).
hogs ate short off the line
Dad swore by it and never drilled a well without the services of a professional.
Back in the day, telling stories was one of the only family entertainments and ways of preserving some family history.
Remembering his first experiences as a cowboy and how it became his profession.
Bernal gets bitten by a rattle snake
A guard at a New Mexico camp during World War II remembers experiences with POWs who were supposed to be working in the fields.
The Kings recall "singing conventions" in the Estancia Valley where they met.
Environmentalists criticize sheep ranchers for ruining the range, but they stretched it during World War II to answer calls for increased production.
Remembering her time as a college rodeo star and the differing prizes for the men and women.
A drunker dad is taught a lesson on family responsibility.
The story of how he helped rescue Smokey Bear is told. Railroad crews were called to help fight the fire. While headed up the trail to relieve firefighters currently fighting the fire, they came across a ranger carrying a small bear cub. Aguayo helped
A thief steals a lamb but leaves behind his billfold
Describing traditional Hispanic attitudes and customs in Northern New Mexico a couple of generations ago.
Lamenting the urbanization and loss of farm land in New Mexico.