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Franks, Juanita

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Early homesteads of family. Means of earning a living by raising cattle, goats, pigs and growing apples, etc. Early schooling, household chores, making clothes, and recreational activity. Activities in World War II and founding of Bear Mountain Ranch School.

Interviewee Juanita Franks, female, born in 1903
Date Range 1903-2000
Date & Location March 8 and 24, 2000, Franks' home, Silver City, N.M., & NMF&RHM
Project Farm and Ranch Folks
Region Southwest New Mexico
Number of Tapes 2
Transcribed April 28, 2000
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Tape 1, Side A

Born in Ivanhoe, New Mexico. Early homes and homesteads around Silver City, New Mexico. Grandfather Flury's affection for land around Silver City, starting a dairy and establishing his brand--still in the family. Buying a house in Silver City in 1910. Getting bicycles. Her father's arrival in New Mexico.

Tape 1, Side B

This side of the tape is blank.

Tape 2, Side A

Talks of maternal grandparents' coming from Switzerland and arrival in New Mexico in 1880. First well and early buildings. First cows and bull. Her mother's and siblings' hauling of milk to town on the way to school. Tokens used to purchase milk. Grandfather's making cheese. Birth of her brothers and sister. Keeping a cow in town. Discussion of earlier homes. Trading cows for a piano. A bank failure. A freight line from Mogollon to Silver City. Financing college. Her father's animal-trading business. Making soap, butter, canning and dehydrating food. Her father's orchard. Keeping geese and ducks for down and food.

Tape 2, Side B

Making their own clothes. Doing chores around the home—feeding stock and taking care of horses. Camping up north. Socializing. Home medical care. Protection against the sun. Meals prepared when she was a girl. Community life. Schooling in Silver City. Best memories of life on the ranch. Greatest impact on ranching in her life—encroachment, environmentalists, government regulations. Looking forward to her 105th birthday. Flying lessons in the 1940s. Experiences in Europe. Starting Bear Mountain Ranch School and later starting a similar school near Boston in about 1930.