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Carson, John Nick

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The history and scope of operations of Kit Carson Farms.

Interviewee John Nick Carson, male, born in 1936
Date Range 1958 - 2001
Date & Location August 9, 2001, Kit Carson Farms, Rincon, New Mexico
Project Farm and Ranch Folks
Region Southwest New Mexico
Number of Tapes 1
Transcribed September 26, 2001
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Tape 1, Side A

Mr. Carson describes, after getting married in 1958, acquisition of fifty acres to farm. About five years later they acquired 136 acres near Rincon from Ben Arroyer with subsequent purchases from the Hayner family, bringing the total to about 950 acres and then to about 1,500 acres. Irrigation is from concrete ditches supplemented by good wells. He describes shooting the fields with his wife to level them and subsequent use of laser technology to achieve better results. He describes use of water throughout the year and the requirements of various crops. Soil types on these fields are described. Crop rotation and planning was related. Equipment used in these operations was described. Soil preparation was discussed as well as use of fertilizers and pesticides. He talks about his labor force. They process their own chile and even save their own seeds. His company, Rio Valley Chile, is also explained. His reaction to NAFTA is discussed and speculation about water problems. He discussed the supply of high quality imports from foreign countries. He discusses desirability of river water over well water. He again speculates on the future.