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Ragland, Ernestine

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The discussion is limited to Mrs. Ragland's experiences and impressions gained while working at a prisoner of war camp near Lordsburg, New Mexico, where she worked in the Ordnance and Motor Pool Division. There is a brief description of her husband's duties guarding the prisoners as they worked in the fields.

Interviewee Ernestine Ragland, female, born in 1924
Date Range 1943-1945
Date & Location July 25, 2000, Hidalgo County Abstract Co., Lordsburg, New Mexico
Project Prisoners of War in New Mexico Agriculture
Region Southwest New Mexico
Number of Tapes 1
Transcribed August 11, 2000
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Tape 1, Side A

After a brief mention of the town's reaction to the camp's being located nearby, she describes how she got her job, how she got out to the camp, and her duties. She remembers there were Italian and German prisoners, but she does not believe they were there simultaneously. She does not recall there being any Japanese prisoners while she worked there.

She had very little contact with the prisoners, although she did get to know a few Italian prisoners and describes some gifts and cards they gave her. Her husband, James Ragland, was a guard while the prisoners worked in the fields. Later, due to injuries, he returned as a civilian and worked in the plumbing department, where he had some prisoners working under him.