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Pickard, Ruth

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Use of Italian prisoners of war on Brazito, New Mexico, farm.

Interviewee Ruth Pickard, female, born in -0001
Date Range 1940-1945
Date & Location June 14, 2000, Ruth Pickard's Home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Project Prisoners of War in New Mexico Agriculture
Region Southwest New Mexico
Number of Tapes 1
Transcribed June 20, 2000
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Tape 1, Side A

Mrs. Pickard stated that she and her husband, at that time Mr. Clifford Field, grew cotton on their 40-acre farm at Brazito during the war.

She discusses laborers coming from Arizona after they had harvested the cotton crop there and that they had living quarters for them. As the pool of laborers dried up they got Italian prisoners of war because her husband spoke Spanish and could communicate better with them. She said they were "awful pleasant people", sang a lot, did a good job and would bring her three-year-old daughter candy. They also hired "Okies" during the war.

Her most impressive memory is of the Italians bringing her daughter candy.