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Northeast New Mexico

Alpers, Audrey
Alpers and Rupert family history. Regional and Cimarron history. Subjects include: Chase family history, the Maxwell Land Grant, Colfax County War, the coming of the railroad to Cimarron, the 1908 fire in Cimarron, the 1922 fire at the Springer mansion on the Chase Ranch, balls and parties held at the Springer mansion. Additional family history, the race track at Raton, the history of Gladys England Smith and Marjery England Sutcliffe. A discussion and description of artifacts donated by Audrey Alpers to the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.
Bernal, J. Pablo
Pablo Bernal was a rancher in Northeastern NM for 70 years (1912–1982). He discusses livestock raising and marketing. Also discusses his father's history, which included being forced off the Maxwell Land Grant circa 1897.
Bidegain, Yetta
Mrs. Bidegain is a member of a New Mexico ranching family and served on both the Museum Foundation and the Musuem Board. At the time of the interview she was a member of the State Museum Board. Mrs. Bidegain discusses her early years and ancestry and her participation in the Museum's founding.
Bonney, Santiago Jim
Grandfather ranched near Pastura, NM. Father herded sheep as a boy in the Las Vegas, NM area. Father inherited a ranch from his employer and built it up to include acreage in dry farming, and sheep and cattle. He describes growing up in Pastura.
Davis, Linda
The first part of the interview deals with personal and family history. Her mother was a pioneer public health nurse in New Mexico. Her father was Albert Mitchell, ranch and manager of the Bell Ranch. The last half of the interview details the consultant's role in the founding of the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.
Gracie, Jack
New Mexico mining camps with an emphasis on Dawson.
Jackson, Joe
Jackson describes his work as a livestock inspector in New Mexico from 1960-1970.
Jones, George Meredith ("Dogie")
Includes his family history, starting with his Grandfather Kronig's arrival in Watrous in 1848 and continuing on with the consultant's experiences fighting the foot and mouth disease in Mexico in the late 1940s, working for thirty years with the Cattle Sanitary Board, serving as director of the Livestock Board (the Cattle and Sheep Sanitary Boards combined), and raising Red Angus cattle and quarter horses.
Laumbach, Andreas "Red"
Covers the arrival of his great-grandfather and grandfather in New Mexico in the 1850s and provides details about his relatives. He describes life on the ranch, his schooling at the Menaul School in Albuquerque, and the various jobs he held.
Laumbach, Margaret Miller
Daughter of immigrants—father from Austria and mother from Volga region of Russia. Her childhood on a subsistence farm/ranch near Maxwell, N.M. Her education (to 8th grade) in a one-room school, then she attended junior high and high school in Springer, N.M., and one year of business college in Missouri. Married George Laumbach; together they managed the Clayton Ranch near Springer from 1940-1982.
Lujan, William "Bill" Bronson
Cattle and sheep ranching in the Clayton, N.M., area. Owning and operating a mercantile in Des Moines, N.M. Commentary on the Hispanic culture of Northern New Mexico.
Thal, Felicia
A brief summary of Thal's personal history. Primary focus of the interview is on her part in the founding of the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.
Weber, Joe
The Webers are an old farm and ranching family in Northeast New Mexico. Joe's grandfather first came to region at Fort Union in the 1850s. He settled in the area, eventually establishing several businesses. Also discusses his [Joe's] life and family and the modern use of the old family farm.