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Interviews conducted by the Oral History Program are based on a standardized list of questions (called a protocol) arranged in major interview categories. Select a category to see interviews and the interview protocol for that category.

Pioneers of Knowledge

An area of ongoing collecting is interviews with people who have made major advances in the research, development, inventions, or innovations associated with New Mexico agriculture or rural life. Interview questions for this protocol begins with a personal background and career overview, followed by a discussion of their pioneering work and an assessment of the results and impact.

DeWitt, Dave
DeWitt is the founder of the National Fiery Foods Show. He has written several books about chile peppers and New Mexico cuisine, and is known as the "Pope of Peppers."
Glover, Charles
Glover describes the study of agronomy, his involvement as an agronomist with the Extension Service, and his work as a seed breeder.
McCaslin, Bob
McCaslin describes his work as an agronomist and soil fertility specialist, and projects he has worked on at New Mexico State University.
Taylor, Virginia
Taylor discusses how her father, John W. Newberry, came to New Mexico Territory in the early 1900s and his acquisition of land in the Mesilla Valley prior to the completion of the Elephant Butte Dam, the acquisition of "surplus" U.S. Army mules and a wagon following Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus, New Mexico in 1916. She discusses John W. Newberry in detail including farming endeavors, awards and accomplishments, and role in establishing the Southwestern Irrigated Growers Association (SWIG), his role in church activities and in family and community social life.
Throneberry, Glyn
Consultant discusses his years as a researcher and professor of plant physiology at New Mexico State University.